Principles of Work of Electric Radiant Heating Panels

If you want to reduce your energy consumption you should consider using electric radiant ceiling heat. One of the most efficient things for a homeowner is to get radiant heaters which can heat the ceilings. The hardware for this device has to be mounted above the head that makes it practical for a person who lives in a small house. It's a wonderful alternative for houses that have a central heating system. Most of traditional systems apply a forced air to warm up a house, but the radiant heater applies radiant heat to provide the warmth in the house.

Differences between Electric and Traditional Radiant Heater

The traditional heating method uses a forced air. This system is also called whole house. It applies a central unit that provides the house with warm air. As you can see, some parts of the house don't need to be constantly heated. It can be a drawback if you have an old heating system. In fact, more energy can be saved especially if you use only one part of the house. Using forced air heating you will have to heat the entire house only.

The electric radiant heating panels are also called room by room heating system. The process involved in this system is able to warm up all areas of the house. It's recommended to get individual portable heaters and to locate them inside the house. They can be turned on manually if you wish to heat only a definite part of the house. One of the best advantages of using a radiant heating system is the possibility to choose concrete locations inside the house where heat is required. This system will heat only the areas you have chosen.

In this way, no money or energy will be wasted, as only those spaces are heated which are occupied by you. Electric radiant heating panels are able to transmit heat much better and faster than other heating systems, so you are going to quicker feel the comfort inside your house, even if the temperature was initially rather low. The heat produced by the system is evenly distributed throughout the area. Besides, it has the ability to provide the same temperature to all corners of the house at the same time.

Prices of an Electric Radiant Ceiling System

As it was already mentioned, this heating gives an opportunity to save much money each month and you will see that your electrical bill will immediately go down. The entire place can be heated at an affordable price. Electric radiant heating panels can consume less energy in comparison with an electric baseboard. Their cost is about $200-$500. The weight of these panels is very small so they can be easily installed on the surface of your ceiling. They can be used as architectural features inside your house.

Principles of Work of Electric Radiant Heating Panels

This heating system uses thermal radiation known as radiant heat. Its functioning is similar to that of the sun. The heat is produced by the panels and is transferred to the objects under the surface. The latter absorbs the heat, so you won't need open flame, blowers, or exposed elements. Electrical radiant ceiling heat produced by the radiant heating panels is really safe. Using this type of heating inside a room it can be easily heated or cooled down. The panels heat up very quickly - just after being turned on. Having panels scattered throughout your home with thermostat will enable you to control the level of temperature in different areas of the house.