Replacing A Lowes Window Screen is Easy!

Are you tired of holes and tears in your screens? If you use Lowes window screens, this article will help you to replace it quickly and correctly.

Before starting the project take proper measurements of the plastic cord (the diameter or the “spline”) that runs around the window frame. Further, you'll need to get a replacement spline of the same diameter. If there's no spline in your old frame, then measure the width of the groove and buy the spline one size larger. You can use the conversion chart below to select the right size.


.125 - 1/8"

.140 - 9/64"

.160 - 5/32"

.175 - 11/64"

.190 - 3/16"

If you're replacing all the window screens, y a charcoal color to improve the outdoor view. You may also find the mesh screen that n the smallest insects to get inside. When purchasing a screen by the roll, choose the one to have a few extra inches on the frame sides. If your windows differ in sizes, consider getting a roll that would fit the widest window.

Removing The Old Window Screens Lowes

Step 1. Pry up one end of the spline with a small screwdriver (flat-bladed) or the nail's pointed end. Then pull out the spline holding the frame against a firm surface.

Step 2. Push on the screen up from the underside and remove it from the channels of the frame. Get rid of the old screen as well as the spline.

Step 3. Clean the channel on the frame with a towel and some warm soapy water.

Step 4. Straighten minor bends in the window screen frame when it is taken off. For this flex it gently with the thumbs on the underside. Check up how straight it is. Remember that straightening aluminum frames should be accomplished with gentle movements. Avoid creasing or cracking the material.

Installation of a New Screen

Step 1. Locate the frame on a flat surface so that its channel side faces up. Unroll the screen to cover the frame about one extra inch on both ends. Cut the screen to this width.

Step 2. Unroll the spline and cut a piece a bit longer than the longest channel of the frame. An accidentally cut short spline can be left for a short side.

Step 3. Center the window screen on the frame, and beginning from one corner of the longer side, press the screen and spline into the channel with the spline roller disk. Sight along one wire strand of and pull the screen working the spline into the channel. You can do 8"-12" sections simultaneously.

Step 4. Being about 4" from the opposite side of the channel, have the spline snipped to length. Press the ends in the corners firmly with the blade of a screwdriver. Remember that there is nothing bad in cutting the corners.

Step 5. Move to the opposite end of the screen and pull it tight enough to remove the wrinkles but avoid bowing the frame. With the spline roller anchor one side of a second long spline in the frame corner. The screen should be kept tightly; roll the spline up to the opposite end in place. In case of occurring any wrinkles or pulled off corners, remove the spline and do everything from the very beginning. Be aware that four short splines are equal to one long spline. The latter simplifies manufacturing of the screen, but it's not very practical option in use. Divide the spline into four parts and you'll stretch the material from side to side tightly.

Step 6. Cut splines and press them into the frame channels. Then check up whether there are any wrinkles or too much tension. The splines can be pulled more or less if necessary.

Step 7. Have a fresh blade inserted into the utility knife and trim away any excess screen. Cut the outside end of the screen frame channel with the blade.